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WatchSeries.Ninja is the latest version of WatchSeries style streaming sites. If you are an online streaming fan then probably you heard at least a few times about the WatchSeries sites and accessed them in order to find your favorite movies and series for free without advertisement.

The WatchSeries brand these days is not as popular as it used to be in the past because the number of those sites decreased and only a few are still online, but they are not doing a great job because there is a lot of missing or deleted content, intrusive ads and many other minuses that convinced people to choose other streaming sites like 123Movies, ProjectFreeTv or Putlocker instead of WatchSeries.

We created WatchSeries.Ninja to regain the popularity and the influence of this type of streaming sites because we consider it to be the best platform for watching online movies and series. All the content published on our website benefits of full HD quality and zero advertising. As a bonus, on WatchSeries.Ninja every movie and episode dubbed in a foreign language has been updated with English subtitle so everyone can enjoy it without any problems.

WatchSeries has all the qualities to become your favorite streaming site. This website has a database made of 10.000 movies and more than 60.000 episodes from the best tv shows of all times. The content here is very well organized with many filters and categories. Every movie is marked with genres, years, list of actors, directors, network and other special tags so you can find it easily when browsing through our collection. Also, there are 2 search forms on WatchSeries site that will make the search process very easy if you already know the name of the production that you want to watch.

On WatchSeries.Ninja we are trying to publish only movies and series without advertising. Due to the fact that we depend of third parties who are hosting the video files, sometimes we can’t control their ad level or the way they are spreading the pops and ads, and that’s why sometimes you may find movies and series with annoying advertisement on our website and we are really sorry for that. We are working hard every day in order to keep WatchSeries up and running and we are constantly trying to minimize the number of ads you see. We strongly recommend you to use an adblocker because it will make your browsing experience more clear, without intrusive ads.